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Welcome to Phlox Serenity

Phlox Serenity.... believes in creating new lives beyond the restrictions of square ft. Our aim is to build a strong relationship with our customers on the foundation of trust. We build each home with a vision of the future, and give our customers a luxurious experience in the homes they plan to build their future in.We believe in the hope of offering a strong establishment in which you can start a beautiful life filled with happiness and luxury.

Phlox Serenity offers spaces which are designed to be contemporary and dispel the myth of ‘Affordable Housing’. Every little aspect is given a great deal of time and attention. Here you can live a life beyond the restriction of square ft. You don’t just purchase a plot; you purchase an establishment which you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Witness the breath-taking beauty of nature on the outside and modern infrastructure on the inside. Phlox Serenity gives you a combination of both these elements. From the systems of a modern city, to its comforts and luxuries, Phlox Serenity has it all. Here’s a clubouse that has been thoughtfully designed to offer you every possible privilege. Beautifully landscaped and spread dotted with water bodies & tree-lined avenues make for a perfect backdrop against a splendid clubhouse. Enjoy an invigorating indoor game of table tennis, or if a less taxing sport is more your style, head for a game of chess, carrom or snooker. What’s more? Cherish beautiful memories by celebrating anniversaries, special days and birthdays of your loved ones. Alternatively, pursue a life of utter leisure.

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